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Do you want to learn the truth about CAFS?

Nearly two decades ago while serving on a volunteer fire department I had an opportunity to meet a gentleman that visited our station to demonstrate what he claimed to be "the future of firefighting" - a system he called "CAFS". His equipment was very basic - a pickup truck with a 150 gallon "foam solution vessel" , four large air storage bottles, a series of levers, valves, pressure regulator, manifold, and a single attached hose line. He proceeded to coat the entire face of our fire station with a thick white foam that absolutely stuck like glue! I was hooked and wanted to learn more, but unfortunately it was in the late 1980's and there was not a wealth of information available and the internet did not exist as it does today. From that day forward I made it a point to investigate, educate, and finally utilize CAFS while in the active fire service. The intent of this site is to assist those that seek information regarding compressed air foam systems. I have been blessed over the last six years to have traveled both in the states and internationally as  a CAFS consultant, trainer, and educator and now wish to offer an avenue to those that desire to gain the same knowledge.

If you are drawn to this site, then apparently you are like hundreds of others in the fire service that recognize the interest generated by new techniques in fire suppression. None can be said to have sparked more debate or generated more interest then Compressed Air Foam or CAFS. Not so long ago the mere mention of CAFS was more likely to occur within the circles of those specializing in wildland fire suppression. True, for years that is exactly where the expertise and utilization of compressed air foam systems existed.

Not until catastrophic events such as the wildfires that nearly consumed many of the historic buildings at Yellowstone National Park did CAFS gain any significant notoriety. It was in 1988 that a unit known affectionately as the "White Night" was dispatched along with highly trained professionals of the Odin Foam Company to protect and preserve the historic museum and structures perilously within striking distance of the approaching inferno. CAFS streams were deployed and the buildings withstood the firestorm - and CAFS is "born". This was merely the beginning in the period of enlightenment for the fire service as to the amazing capabilities that CAFS now brought to the fireground.

From the earliest days of primal means of fire suppression thru the modern era we currently are in, the quest for the best and safest means of suppression press on. There have been vast improvements in turn out gear, self-contained breathing apparatus, thermal imaging - and the list goes on and on. From horse drawn steam pumpers to modern day high powered apparatus, the only missing element was a method to make our water "more efficient". Well - welcome to the world of CAFS! CAFS has gained notoriety and acceptance on the fire ground as an exceptional system for rapid extinguishment of fires. So well accepted that in the state of Texas if you meet certain criteria for minimum CAFS capability it actually reduces your ISO rating by 1.5 points!

There exist many myths and misconceptions that hopefully will be dispelled and clarified by the contents included in this website. It is my goal to bring factual information to the reader and researcher alike in assessing the need for or integration of CAFS into your present or future plans. If your goal is to improve fire fighter safety, lessen property damage, and greatly reduce on scene time, then this is the place to start.  There are timely articles and references for all that seek to find direction and insight into the most innovative and one of the safest fire suppression systems available - - -

CAFS - The "cool tool"

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Who has the Hot Dogs?

What could possibly stop a fire of this magnitude?   View the  results of CAFS being used to suppress this fully involved barn fire by clicking on the picture above.

Structural use of CAFS

Learn more about CAFS. Read about its' inception to current modern day use on the fireground - and more!

CAFS - A World of Difference

View amazing video footage of CAFS in Action on a Barn Fire!



CAFS is the ideal solution for these fires that commonly require considerable more time and resources to extinguish. Click on the photo above to see Compressed Air Foam used on a tire fire!